Pearl Hot Pot

Established in 2000, Pearl Hot Pot is a family business that was started by a group of first generation immigrants with passion for Asian cuisine and desire for a warm and healthy dining.

Your own pot!

Pearl Hot Pot offers individual hot pot for guests that are looking for gatherings while still being able to enjoy your own pot.

For Meat Lovers <3

On our menu, we offer a wide selection of beef and pork to satisfy our guests’ taste. Fish and seafood combos are all-time favorites of many and our specially marinated chicken is also a popular choice for people looking for lean and tender meat.

All-time Favourites~

You will also find many authentic appetizers that are not easily found in Vancouver, such as deep-fried shrimp wonton, pork blood with sticky rice, crystal dumpling…etc.

Daily Nutritions~

With each combo you order, expect a pot of nice and clear rich broth that has little oil in it, lots of greens and vegetables, and a just enough portion of meat that your body needs in a day (or more veggies).

Never Too Much!

If you are looking for more than a combo, you are welcome to add more side orders to your meal. Our servers are always dedicated to make the run for you.

Come By Today!

We are thankful for guests that have visited Pearl Hot Pot, as much as we are excited to meet the new friends that have yet to try us out. If you haven’t been to our little hot pot place for a while, pick up your phone today and make a reservation.